Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Les Mills Body Pump - Basically the best workout ever

So I'm still on that old health and fitness mission. The only thing I have really been successful at sticking at and seeing some good results is the gym. I say the gym but what I really mean is going to classes at my gym. My class of choice? Les Mills BODY PUMP. It's bloody brilliant!!

(I do not look as cool calm and collected as these guys) 
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I'd never been to a class in my life, scared to death of the gym bunnies who would lap me 1000 times before I even got round once, thinking that I would be the talk of the class "look at that girl who looks like a beetroot" etc. To be perfectly honest I was scared to death. I've also always thought of myself as this person who can't stand community things and group activities. Turns out I was completely wrong on all accounts.

Not one person looked at me oddly when I nearly collapsed during my first class, just nice smiles of encouragement, no one was showing off their amazing skill while sending pitiful looks my way, instead, we were all in it together and it felt great. If you have never tried it I can't recommend it enough.

The site describes it as a workout " Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout." Your not going to bulk up and become a weightlifting champion by attending 3 x per week but what you are going to achieve is more tone, increased stamina and a basically should start feeling accomplished. It helps that the trainers are usually highly experienced fitness coaches as well as brilliant motivators and the class is set to great tunes to push you through each rep.

I am absolutely no gym aficionado but what I do know is that if you want to tone up and steadily increase stamina whilst having some of the best fun with a great group of people you have to try this workout at your local centre or gym. You'll thank me later.

What's next? Well I'm giving Spin a go. I think I've lost my mind, but I'm giving it a go.


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