Tuesday, 25 August 2015

How to handle handing in your NOTICE

So there's been a few changes over here in the little world of HJS, I've been offered a new job and I'm leaving the current marketing agency I work for, for pastures new.

It's both an exciting time (being offered a new job always is) and also a highly nerve racking one. My leave is bitter sweet, I love everyone I work with and I've been incredibly lucky to be part of an enormous growth period at my current job which has been really interesting. But alas I am leaving and I'm bloody excited to say the least.

I handed in my notice over a week ago and to say I was anxious is an understatement. So I thought I would write a little post about how to handle handing in your notice which hopefully some of you out there (helloooo.....hello.....hellooo......) will find useful when the time comes.

1: Firstly know that most the time it wont be as hard as you anticipate. So what does it actually entail? Well write a short and concise notice letter, thanking your current employer for their support whilst you have worked in your role and notify them of your official notice of leaving.

2: Print the letter. In my case sharing a communal printer at work meant I did the whole, print and run for your life to the printer to be the first one there move. Then you need to book in to see your direct line manager. Peel yourself off the chair, buckle those knees which will no doubt will be a little wobbly, take a deep breath and head on over to see your boss and do the business (handing over your letter that is).

3: Put the letter in front of your boss. Sounds simple but it's easy to shy away from it. Usually this will go a lot better than you anticipate. Career progression or career change is essential in getting where we need to get to achieve our goals. A decent boss will appreciate this and hopefully wish you well.

4: Wait for the official news to spread around the office before you talk about your leaving to anyone. We aren't in the business of burning bridges so being as respectful as possible is pretty much essential.

5: Which leads nicely on to this point. Despite what you may think about your employer don't go bad mouthing them to any of your fellow colleagues, it's not big and it's not clever. Hopefully you will get on fine in your new role, but if you don't, what's better than being able to head back to your old job (that bridge is most certainly not burnt)?

6: BREATH!! Hopefully it is never as bad and hard as you anticipate. For however long you have left at your current role just remember to be as professional as possible and as much as you want to, how about don't go boasting about your new role. Save that for after office hours.

7: Arrange a leaving do. Regardless of whether you want one or not (in my case not, as I don't like being centre of attention). When someone leaves a company especially one really built on people, someone leaving can throw a spanner in the works. So arrange leaving drinks and say your farewells to anyone who wants to wish you well, even if you would rather just stroll out the door.

When you do though, how about a victory dance?!

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