Sunday, 23 August 2015

Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy

It's always good to be appreciative of the little things and remind yourself every now and then of the things that make us happy. So below are the top 10 things that makes me happy (in no particular order).


I bloody love dogs, it's no secret I'm that creepy person who will mosey up to you and pet your pet. Move over crazy cat lady, crazy dog ladies are very real and if it was up to me I would have 100's of the little pooches.


All day. Everyday. It's always time for donuts.


I love nothing more than discovering new musical talent and heading to a Gig (usually with the sister). Nothing better than getting lost in the music and dancing like no one is watching.


I'm not well travelled and I will make no qualms of that. There's so much of the world I want to see though. And discovering new places is the best.


It's my fuel. It gets me up in the morning. There's nothing quite like the ritual of waking up to fresh coffee and good music in the morning, or sitting in a great café with a good read or great company whilst hugging a large mug of the good stuff.


I love LOVE. Sure it makes us go a little crazy at times. But it's what makes life, life. What is life without love? Love for yourself, family, animals, existence or a significant other.


I am lucky enough to get paid to do something that I am incredibly passionate about and that's marketing. More specifically digital marketing. I love how fast paced it is and I love that it gives me purpose.


I'm not naturally athletic. My size 16 frame will tell you that. But the feeling after working out is like no other. A sense of accomplishment and peace of mind that you have done something each day to work that heart.

Theme parks

I love a ride..... haha. I love all rides. The bigger the better. Since I can remember I have loved visiting theme parks. Taking me to a theme park is the way to my heart.


I love tattoos. They are completely personal to the person who has them. I know they divide opinion but I really wouldn't change the fact I have tattoos at all. From the cupcake on my ankle and the blurred mess on my leg, to my newest arm pieces, they all hold a place in my heart.

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