Thursday, 10 September 2015

Life Through A Lens: August

I've had a lovely summer, full of fun times, experiments with my hair, time with the best friends a girl could ask for and a trip to Brighton, with a wedding or two in between.

1:  I thought it would be a great idea to use Bleach London Big Pink to dye my beautifully blonde hair Pink would you believe. I headed off to my friends hen weekend looking like this (we were pink ladies after all!).

2: Hanging out with this guy is always a highlight. He's a Jack Russell with one of the worst attitudes out there, but with so much love to give it's unbearable.

3: Back to back with my beard celebrating the love of one of Scottish's best friends. A beautiful day with beautiful people, doing what we do best, partying!

4: Picked up with absolute bargain of a bed set at George, doesn't fit in with the d├ęcor of my room at all but hey when something is this cute who cares right?!

5: Sunny evenings spent in Warwickshire are some of my favourite. Even better when it's for the most delicious dinner party celebrating the birth of one of my favourite humans overlooking this stunning scene.

6: This Autumnal bunch of flowers appeared at work one day last week. I'm a bloody lucky girl (pass the sick bucket). It's little gestures like these that put the biggest smile on my face. Love is life and all that.

7: A stunning view in Brighton for my friends hen do. So many laughs were had, and a stroll along the sea front was just what was needed to blow away the cobwebs on day 2.

8: My squad. These girls give me life,and being around such great people does wonders for the old soul. The wedding was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witness, and also one of the most enjoyable days of my life, made all the better by being surrounded by these lovelies.

9: I have ended the month with brown hair (massive sad face). But on another note that face on the right there took me about 1.5 hours to complete. I actually followed a tutorial on YouTube for once. And those brows well they took about 20 mins each haha! Could I do that everyday? HELL NO!

I wonder what September will look like by the end of the month?! Sunshine, smiles, family, travels and more pooches if it has anything to do with me.

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