Monday, 30 November 2015

It's Starting To Smell A Lot Like CHRISTMAS!

I've always loved Christmas. The dark cosy nights, the great excuse to get together with friends and loved ones and maybe one of my favourite reasons...the smells.

That sounds odd doesn't it but by that I mean the smell of Christmas trees, the special scents that are only brought out at this time of year for the house, the spices used in seasonal foods. I love it all!

I love nothing more than going to my mums and smelling the fresh tree in the lounge, the amazing White Company candle she will have burning and the food cooking in the oven.

It got me thinking about my favorite Christmas scents for the home and for myself and I've put some of them below.

1: I love plugging in my Ambi Pur Christmas plug. They can be a bit strong but there is a comforting feeling opening the front door and it smelling amazing! They are usually on offer so grab one whilst you can.

2: Again another household item. Each year I stock up on the spiced apple Fabreze. I buy enough to last the year because it's my favourite. Cooked something a little whiffy? Give this a spritz and it's gone in a sec and your house will be smelling festive and gorgeous.

3: I bought this new Red Apple Wreath Yankee Candle last month and my GOD it's amazing. The scent is strong and it doesn't need to be burnt for long to fill the whole place. They are pricey but it's well worth the money and is basically Christmas in a jar. Good job Yankee, Good JOB!

4: Something about Jo Malone Pomegranite Noir reminds me of Christmas. Probably because that's when I first got it but it's the perfect Christmas party scent. It's such a deep indulgent fragrance. It's one of those instantly recognizable smells which is timeless and classic. If you haven't smelt it, it's a must. If your looking to buy that special someone a present which will impress this might just be it.

5: I love the body shop body butters and their Frosted Cranberry Christmas scent is gorgeous. Not sweet enough to be sickly but instantly recognizable.

What are your favourite Christmas smells?

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