Tuesday, 17 November 2015

When In Doubt....Get A Manicure

I haven't been here lately, and in fact I haven't been anywhere really. I'm going through so much personal change that it's hard to give this the attention it needs without wallowing in self pity and pouring my heart out. Which means I have just taken a hiatus but I want to channel my energies in productive ways.

I am focusing on my new job and myself and my sense of self. Which leads me to taking better care of myself. I've had a couple of days to myself off work this week and what better to do then get your nails done and treat yourself a little? So with that in mind I headed to Warwick and got myself a Gelish manicure at The White Rooms. 

From start to finish it was pretty perfect. The place is so cute on the inside and out and the facilities look just perfect. I was treated by a lovely lady called Jackie who did nothing but put me at ease and we had a great chat from start to finish. In all honesty it felt like I had been there many times before when I hadn't, but I have booked in again for a soak off and re-gel because I absolutely loved the end result.

If you ever head over to Warwickshire I can highly recommend The White Rooms and Jackie herself for a brilliant Gel polish.  There really reasonably priced, have a wide rage of treatments and the staff are incredibly friendly which means you wont be disappointed.

*I went for Bashful on my ring fingers and Plum and Dumb on the rest.

What do you do to get your happy back?

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