Monday, 4 January 2016

Fresh Starts - January

I'm taking January as a chance for a fresh start on this blog.

I'm also taking January to signify a fresh start for me too! Last year was interesting to say the least. It may not have ended the way in which I had hoped but you have to trust that everything in life happens exactly as it should and therefore I need to accept it the way it ended.

As for resolutions I don't have any to be perfectly honest, nothing new in terms of doing something I wasn't doing before January 1st.

I thought I would take this opportunity to note down a few things that I am looking forward to this year, to keep me focused and align my mind on all the exciting things to look forward to when it's so easy to get distracted in thinking about the negatives.

  • Moving into my new place. In a week or so I will officially be a homeowner. I can't wait to finally feel like a truly have a grounding. 

  • Seeing changes in my health and fitness. I'm committed to working on me, both body and mind. 

  • Reading more. Not reading just anything but actually finding books to understand further my passions like mindfulness and positivism.

  • Going on holiday with the family. 6 months and counting! 

  • Meeting new people. I need to push myself outside of my comfort zone and become a yes person which will inevitably lead me to meeting new and interesting people. 

  • Excel at work. I love the work I do and I get satisfaction from doing a good job so I can't wait to see what this year has in store. 

  • Getting a pet. I'm 100% a dog person but with work it wouldn't be fair so for me I need to go head out and find a cat that behaves like a dog and loves people. Any tips of which cats are friendliest send them my way. 

Last year didn't turn out how I had expected, but hey I'm still here to tell the tale. This year might not turn out peachy either, who bloody knows but all I can tell you is I'm ready as I'll ever be! 

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