Friday, 11 March 2016

Life Lately...

So what's new? Ummmmmm everything?!

It's been a bloody busy few weeks.

I got the new flat looking awesome and then not so awesome as I'm in the middle of having renovations done in the kitchen, talk about a messy situation, and talk about stress. My lovely Dad is doing the work but I'm being forced into necking a daily vodka to keep the blood pressure down. HA! (I joke)

What else? Well I went to watch my first sober rugby game last weekend and it was awesome if not a little chilly! Boy was I cold, but hey, how can a girl moan when she has her very own 2 pint pitcher of larger (god I'm classy).

I also had a pretty intense 7 hours under the needle last weekend getting more ink on my arms, and also getting my septum pierced...SHOCK HORROR. I couldn't love the work Ali @ Inkantations did more! His lines are awesome and he plays incredible tunes all the way through the process. WIN WIN! I have to admit I did get a little fed up after 7 hours of pure pain but I'm so happy with them 1 week in.

Anything else? Ummmm yeah! I hosted an amazing blogger event at Thorntons with their digital marketing team. I do love my job! I'm not blowing my own trumpet here but to say it was an amazing experience doesn't quite cut it. Having a behind the scenes look at the processes that take place to make some of the UK's most well known chocolates was awesome. But what's more awesome? Ummmm a lifesize solid chocolate Gruffalo! Yeah you heard right, SOLID CHOCOLATE!

We also celebrated my lovely grandma's 91st birthday and I've got to say she is looking crackin! What a woman!

So all in all it's been crazy busy but all in positive ways so I wouldn't want it any other way.

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