Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Life Lately: Cross Fit, Cats And A Reflection on Friendships

It's all go since I have moved into my own place.

I now have a new little pal to share my space with call Murdoch. I rescued him from the Blue Cross and he is a 2 year old domestic short hair cat, and was instantly my best friend.

I used to swan around saying that I would never be a cat person because I'm bat shit crazy about dogs but I'm converted. I'm not sure if that's because Murdoch acts like a dog or what but I bloody love him. My phone is now the home of 100's of crazy cat pictures and I wouldn't have it any other way. He is the best part of coming home every day. He is the perfect calming company when I spend evenings in, and I'm no longer on my own.

What else? Well I lost my way a little on my diet but not so much my fitness, so I'm fully back on the wagon now. My new found motivation was only spurred on by being invited to the Battle of Britain cross fit competition which took place this weekend. Never have I been in a room full of so many people I had such admiration for.

Cross fit isn't necessarily my thing, I'm not sure I would be any good at it but these women were so inspiring. These beautiful strong women about to do 20 chin up in a row had my jaw almost hitting the floor. So the first thing I did was get in my gym kit and head straight to the gym to lift some heavy weights, and it felt great. Closely followed by a good old Instagram stalk to see what these guys get up to in their training. So fingers crossed I keep this momentum going.

It's all getting a bit sporty for my liking but I've also recently been to a few Rugby games and I love it. I actually understand the sport and get to ogle at some amazingly athletic men taking each other down on the pitch, all whilst having a jug or two of beer in hand; what's not to love right?

Aside from that, I've also found my new favourite lazy Sunday spot in The Arco Lounge in Birmingham. I don't know what's better than sitting there on a Sunday with the papers and a strong coffee, ready to chow down on an amazing breakfast? It's a must try!

Alongside all the fun stuff, I've taken a little while reflecting on friendships recently and have to keep reminding myself that as we get older our lives all take different paths and that just because I may not see my friends as often as I used to it doesn't mean we won't always have each others backs. I guess what it does mean is that the time we spend together is just that bit more special.

And finally, well it's been a baby filled last month. I was invited to a lovely baby shower for one of my oldest friends and I can't wait to meet her bundle of joy, and I'm Auntie! My littlest sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last week and I can't wait to see this little cherub and spoil him rotten.

What's next? Well another cross fit competition in May, possibly another cat, hopefully a new business venture, which I'm well and truly getting my teeth into and then whatever other fun stuff comes my way.

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