Saturday, 14 May 2016

Diet: What To Expect When Starting A LCHF/Atkins Diet

I know I know, I always seem to be trying a different diet, but hey, this one has lasted 4 weeks so far!
What an achievement!!! Ha. Since being on some sort of diet or other I have lost over 1 stone since January so I'm OK with that.

Being LCHF (low carb high fat) / Atkins for the last 4 weeks I have lost 8lbs and not felt hungry once, due to sustained blood glucose levels.

I can already hear people saying, how on earth can you lose weight eating all the cheese, all the double cream, ALL the avocado with no LOW FAT/diet foods in sight, but let me just refer you to a couple of pieces of scientific evidence which should quieten down those naysayers (I've literally read them all).

The easy summary:
A really nerdy one!:

Bottom line is this type of diet works for some people, I once did it when I was younger and lost over 4 stone, and having danced with the devil (type 2 diabetes) due to being significantly over weight I know that the less sugar I consume the better. Which is why I have decided to give this lifestyle change a go once again having failed miserably at Slimming world however much I wanted it to work.

Some people say, oh you don't need such a drastic diet, but let me tell you, when you're technically 4 stone into the overweight bracket, and your knees are giving up the ghost it's probably time to do something a little drastic.

If you're wondering whether this type of plan is for you I thought I would breakdown some things you can expect from starting this type of eating plan.

1: You'll feel all sorts of naughty eating ALL THE CHEESE

You can eat many types of cheese on this plan. You have to reset the brain to understand that yes, you can enjoy that baked Camembert GUILT FREE...yummers!


2 You might experience keto/Atkins flu

This is common within the first few days of converting your eating to a LCHF/Atkins way of eating. Headaches and slight nausea are normal, but don't let that put you off, increasing water and salt consumption should rid those feelings in a jiffy

3: You will drastically loose the first few lbs

This is mainly due to water weight, but what better way to motivate you to continue? After that your looking at a steady 2lb a week loss, not counting any calories and slapping the butter on everything.

4: You might get stinky ass breath

This is the most un-glamourous part of this eating plan but nothing a few sugar free mints or chewing gum can't sort out. Something about a high fat, low carb diet plays havoc with the old breath.

5: You will develop great clarity of mind

This is my absolute favourite part of living a sugar free, low carb lifestyle. It's no secret that I've struggled with depression and anxiety since I was about 17, and leading a sugar free, grain free life really helps with providing clarity of mind. I feel mostly positive, my thought processes are clear and I have way more energy than I ever had whilst eating sugar.

There are a tonne of other health benefits of adjusting to this type of lifestyle, after all it was the only way our ancestors ate before processed foods were ever available. There is a lot of research to suggest that this type of diet helps reduce the risk of cancer, alzheimer's disease and heart disease.

It's not a walk in the park as with any dietary change, but you can still go out for meals and eat ALL THE CHEESE and ALL THE STEAK (can you tell I like cheese) and after a few days your blood glucose levels will even out meaning you will rarely get hungry (leading you to inadvertently eat less) and also you wont be craving the doughnuts (oh the doughnuts)

I'm going to put together a few posts about what I eat on this plan and a few progress updates as I continue on this path. Weight loss is important to me but I can't tell you have good the mental benefits are too.


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