Friday, 13 May 2016

Travel: An AirBnB Win in Bath

I love exploring cities in the UK and last weekend I decided to take the Friday off work and head to Bath to explore all the city had to offer.

I've always loved York, I'd live there if there was the work, so I had been told I'd more than likely love Bath too, and I wasn't disappointed.

First things first was having to find the ideal place to stay and I found the most amazing 'Little Studio' in Bath on AirBnB. The place was a real find and slightly less expensive than a hotel but with tonnes more character. I can't recommend it enough. I mean just look at it.

When we planned the break we knew this was guaranteed to be a weekend of indulgence and first on the list of activities when we arrived on Friday was to head straight to the Therma Spa for 4 hours of pure bliss. I'd heard it was good and a worthwhile experience when in Bath but it far exceeded my expectations for the cost, and we chose the perfect day to spend hours in the rooftop pool turning into shriveled up prunes after our massage and facial.

The spa seems to be a hit with hen do's and groups and I can see why, but to beat the queues make sure you book, and then you can stroll right on in.

Coming out looking like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards it was time to head back to the studio and get ready for dinner where we were going to eat ALL THE STEAK. Turns out the restaurant The Herd was a nice stroll down the river, perfect on the warm evening we were lucky enough to have.

Walking along the river back to the studio, I realised just how great this city was, there is so much to see and do, I swear to god if only I had more money I would have done some serious shopping. But alas I was there to be a tourist and shopping wasn't really on the agenda.


On Saturday we sauntered back into town with one thing in mind, we were going to go and be cultured and take a trip to the historic Bath spa. It was £15 really well spent. We spent 2 hours in here taking in all the information and honestly it was so worthwhile if, like me you like nerding out on culture from time to time.

After that we headed to the cathedral where we were lucky enough to catch a choir practicing. Now I'm in no ways a religious person but this was honestly such a bloody treat, we ended up sitting in there for well over an hour just taking it all in whilst in such beaut surroundings.

After we had walked what can only be described as a half marathon we heading back towards the studio to tuck into a bottle or two of bubbles (I loves me some bubbles) and head back for an evening of cheesy treats and good food.

By Sunday I was missing my Murdoch silly amounts so we headed back by lunch time after taking a trip to the see The Cresent, gaaaahhhh if only I had all the monies.

All in all this was a pretty amazing weekend, in a city which hasn't been taken over by modern day buildings. There's so much to see and do and if you really want a shop there's plenty of that too.

Now where's next to explore?!

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