Monday, 13 June 2016

LIFE: What it's Really Like To Re-home A Cat

If you follow me you will have seen that I have gone from 0 to crazy cat lady in a matter of weeks.

Back in April I re-homed my gorgeous cat Murdoch, a 2 year old bundle of absolute loveliness who unfortunately has already had 2 homes :(

I started thinking about getting a cat when I had settled into my home because I thought it would be nice to have someone (a cat is a someone FYI) to share my space with who didn't leave the toilet seat up :P

I re-homed Murdy from Bluecross and they made the entire process so easy! I can't recommend them enough if your looking to re-home an animal. From enquiry to collection it took about 2 weeks and then my little man was in my house, being nothing but a babe.

My phone soon became full of cat pictures, like a proud mother I was snapping his every waking move (told you I went from 0 to crazy v quickly). He loves nothing more than sitting on a lap being fussed within inches of his life and wanted attention 24/7. Just what I wanted!

It was all going swimmingly so I thought I would like to introduce a friend to him as I spend the days away at work and thought it would be good company. My first port of call was Bluecross where I saw a gorgeous little boy called Rashford. I called the re-homing shelter and arranged my introduction.

The poor babe was 7 months old and had spent 4 of those in confinement with a cone around his head as he was suffering from previous abuse.

When I met him he was sweet, attention seeking and calm....

The realities.....

You never really know how a cat will behave until you take them home, and take him home I did.

He's adorable to look at but has some serious behavioral issues. From climbing up every given surface and dangerously launching himself off. To clawing every given surface, including solid walls. He doesn't even know how to meow so he chirps relentlessly all day! He is what can only be described as a handful.

The introduction between Murdy and Tiny Fox (he genuinely looks like a tiny fox) went well and they have never once taken a swipe at each other maliciously, but they are non-stop chasing each other around the house, seemingly waking up at 10pm and coming alive until about 4am.

I haven't had a full nights sleep since I brought Tiny Fox home, and in all honesty I'm almost at my wits end.

I want so badly for it to work out, I keep reminding myself that really he has only know what it is to live in a proper house for 3 months of his life and to give him time, but each time I'm around him I cant help but wonder if I'm doing something wrong or that he deserves something more than my place where a boss (Murdy) already lives?

This week I'm having talks with an animal behaviorist which the Bluecross set up and we will see if we can make strides in the right direction and I have everything crossed.

To be honest, this really is the realities of re-homing a pet. Sometimes, it doesn't matter how many times you visit them at a shelter, you'll never know how they will behave until you have them home. It will break my heart if this doesn't work out but I need to remember that his well being is what's important.

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