Monday, 6 June 2016

The Realities of Being a Shit Dieter

With 4 weeks to go and having lost no where near the amount of weight I was after when I declared "this year was my year" in January, it got me thinking about why I am such a shit dieter.

I mean I have the Instagram account for a food diary, I have the FitBit to keep me on track, I have the Apps on my phone, I have two drawers of gym gear, and yet I am still 4 stone overweight. So why am I so shit?!

Well turns out it's probably more than likely biological. Having had blood test after blood test and trying all sorts of tablets and diet plan this has pretty much been confirmed and in all honesty I know what I gotta do...BUT let's be real for a second I also know there are loads of ways in which I sabotage my efforts.

Let me break those down and I'm sure as your reading this you'll notice yourself in some of them if you're anything like me.

You forget to post your food in your food diary

If I really posted everything I ate I might actually be able to establish where I'm sabotaging myself, but no! For some reason when I decide to have a  "Go on treat yourself" moment "you've been on your diet for all of 24 hours successfully"; for some reason I "forget" to post a picture.

Like seriously there is some definite subconscious shit going on here!

You've stayed on plan for a day so now you can TREAT YO SELF! 

What? Why?! Why does sticking to a plan you have established as working for all of 24 hours mean you can sneak in those little treats?!

It's the weekend so let's go balls to the wall and eat ALL THE FOOD?

Surely this can't just be me? It comes to the weekend and I magically think that calories and carbs in my case, don't exist! I mean seriously, past Friday those calories they just don't count do they?!

Treat Monday as a "Fresh Start" 

Starting can happen at any time on any day of the week. It could be 5pm on a Wednesday afternoon and you could decide a re-set is in order. So why do we all go along and say "I'll start again on Monday". Eeeeeerm no, if you want to start again do it at any point.

Go to the gym once and decide you're part of the #FitFam community cos your so dedicated to this shit! 

I'm as guilty as the next person to do this. I go to the gym, or go to a torture class (aka SPIN) and I Instagram the shiz out of it, tagging #fitfam #healthinspo #fitspo #anothershithashtag
What I don't do? I don't Instagram the 80% of the time I'm sitting in my dressing gown at 6pm in the afternoon looking at pictures of doughnuts on Pinterest. 

Food in the office doesn't count either

There is ALWAYS food in the office. Even when showing restraint I rationalise to myself and decide half of that 1lb slice of cake wont hurt, I'm not having the whole thing after all.

I half wrote this as a form of therapy, you know the kind where you write things down and stare at those words and have an epiphany, and I half wrote it down because I pretty much think we are all the same. 

I took this morning as an opportunity to re-start, I have a torture class tonight (aka spin) and I have exactly 27 days until I go on holiday and need to be able to get some form of flesh out. Don't get me wrong, I'm still living a #sugarfree life 95% of the time, but that 5% is going to be the difference between me wearing a full body wet suit on holiday or actually biting the bullet and wearing a 2 piece. 

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