Monday, 11 July 2016

BEAUTY: Egyptian Magic Review

Last week I was suffering the most monumental snotty cold whilst heading on my way to Spain for some much needed R&R.
Cold's are rubbish no matter what but what makes them even more rubbish is the sore crusty dry nose that comes from hours of nose blowing.

Whilst on the plane, sneezing away, my nose was red raw, I looked somewhat like Rudolf and was desperate for my dry skin to improve. As I sat there I found myself looking through the duty free mag, which I never even look at usually, and there it was, Egyptian Magic Balm.

As I have always had extremely dry skin, I'm often partial to a balm for the ultimate hydration so I decided I was going to give this little tub a go. I liked the fact it was made up of only 6 ingredients and promised to sooth the driest skin, along with being multipurpose so for £20 I was sold!

One Egyptian Magic for Hannah please! 

That evening once we got to the villa I cracked the balm open and in honesty was struck by the smell. I'm not sure what I was expecting considering there is no perfume used in the ingredients. As I was plastering it on my face I had to hold my breath when applying, but when you're plastering it on your literal nostrils it isn't all that easy to ignore, but after a while I got used to it.

Important to note, I am fairly sensitive to smells as I have the strongest sense of smell around, and I would in no way say that it was extremely unpleasant it just wasn't for me.

The texture was as you would expect from a balm, quite firm. I ended up digging into the balm and removing a chunk each time I used it, rubbing through my hands to warm up and then applying. It stayed quite moist on the skin, so much so that I could feel the residue on my face the following morning, but I didn't consider that a bad thing as I only really intend on using it at night.

The results were exactly as it says on the tub...MAGIC! I woke up with no flakey skin on my nose and my face felt hydrated and moisturised. My sister also used it that night on her feet to test out the benefits, and woke up raving about how smooth they felt. I would say that night time is probably the best time to use it as it leaves a shiny, almost wet surface to the skin and wouldn't suit applying makeup on top.

I'm really not surprised why people hail this as a cult beauty product "must have" because it is really effective at soothing dry skin. What I would say though is that with simple packaging, minimal marketing and so few ingredients I think the price tag is way to high, but at least it works.

I think this pot will last me a good couple of months, and I can safely say that I will be buying this again. So, if like me you have dry skin, I would definitely invest in this balm which can easily be ordered online.

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