Thursday, 21 July 2016

FASHION: The Ultimate Pluz Size Summer Wardrobe

A couple of weeks ago I went to Spain for a week with my mum and sister for some much needed R&R. As usual with me, I'd left my outfit planning until the very last minute, but lucky for me I work near a large Sainsburys and decided to give their Tu clothing range a go. Well, and let me just tell you, I found some absolutely gorgeous clothes perfect for plus size summer outfits, and what's better they had a sale!

Supermarkets are really upping their fashion offerings at the minute and the rainbow coloured dress I bought from Sainsburys got a fair amount of attention and if your quick on your toes can be purchased in the sale at the moment.

Sizing is pretty good (everything above is a size 16) and generally speaking their clothes are made to a good quality for the price point. So...if your heading on your hols, get your behind to your local supermarket and take a look at the sale. You'd be a fool not to!

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