Wednesday, 27 July 2016

BEAUTY: Get The Glow

Last weekend I went to a wedding and seeing as it was a summer wedding and due to be pretty darn gorgeous weather I knew I wanted to have a golden tan, but where to start?!

Well, a couple of weeks ago when sitting poolside I was flicking through Cosmo and saw an ad for a free spray tan at the tanning shop and thought, BINGO! So I booked it in for the night before the wedding, clearly pretty confident that I wasn't going to suffer some serious tanning fail. I had no idea what to expect to be perfectly honest, I think I thought it would be a woman spraying me, but no....

I got to my local tanning shop and turns out I was told I was going to get tanned by a robot, I suppose it beats having to get my tatas out in front of some poor young girl but I couldn't help but immediately think of Ross from Friends and have a chuckle to myself. You know the one where he turns ORANGE.

Turns out the sunless tanning booth is a pretty fail-safe way to get a spray tan and the results were fanozza! I had not one patch and an even colour all over.

I couldn't have been happier with the whole experience and although this was free I would definitely pay £9.99 anytime I next want a golden glow. In and out in 15 mins, flawless and effortless tan that lasted for days, what's not to love? Oh, also you can get unlimited sunless tans for £40 a month, boy am I tempted. Having a tan seems to make me feel more body confident, and every little helps doesn't it. 

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