Thursday, 4 August 2016

LIFE: The Importance Of Blue Skies

To me blue skies are about more than just the weather. To me blue skies is a mindset.

Does that sound odd? Well let me explain...

As a woman in her 20's I would say I am called what you would describe as a depressed person. It doesnt mean I am permanently unhappy or anything, but since I was in my early teens I have suffered with my mental health and moods. It's not something I dwell on, I've come to the belief that it's simply the way I'm programmed. That being said it's not something I am complacent about either. I always look for ways to look after my well being and one of those ways which has really been a result of the way my Dad has taught me to have an outlook on life, is to adapt what the term "Blue Skies" means to me.

Doesnt everything always feel better when the sun is shining and we can see the blue sky above rather than grey clouds looming? Don't we all think when we go on holiday that our quality of life would be so much better if we lived in a sunny climate? I know I do! But is that about mindset or the UVA rays? hmmm...

The problem for me (and 1000's of other people) is that sometimes even when the skies above are blue, I'm under a grey cloud (or as I call it, a stormy rain cloud of doom!). Sure, everyone feels like this sometimes, but for me it's all too often, and it's led me to explore ways to manage my mood and my outlook on life, which brings me to my Blue Skies mindset.

To me, a blue sky mindset is about shifting my way of thinking, however troubling and overwhelming it may feel, to remembering how I feel on a sunny day when things have felt manageable. It's about understanding that no matter how low I feel at times, somewhere beyond what I am able to comprehend and see right now, there are blue skies above.

It may sound obvious but it's not as easy as you may think to be able to put yourself in that state of mind you feel when everything seems to be going your way even when it's not. In fact it's quite a skill. At times it may seem grey and dark, and that there really is nothing to look forward to, but if I were to journey else ware, chances are I could find my blue sky, and that in some way is my metaphor for looking after my mental health.

Life is a journey and a tricky one at that. It throw's curve balls at us, and yes, that's pretty normal. But when life becomes challenging all too often I find what's most important is that little reminder. A reminder that, soon, the sky above me will change, and if it doesn't it's time to "travel".

Blue skies also reminds me of my dad, and that's always a good thing. We'll send each other a little text which will simply say "Blue Skies" and in that we know, that either the sun is shining on us, or simply, everything's OK.

It's just one of the ways I remind myself that it's OK not to feel OK all the time, but keeping it in check is what's important to me, however I may do it! These two little words mean so much to me that I got them tattoo'd on my wrist last year. It's something that will never leave me, just as some of the issues I have with my mental well being, but it's always a reminder that with time or travel things can change.

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