Tuesday, 30 August 2016

LIFE: Moet Ice Party - The Lyttelton Arms

That's the final bank holiday of the year been and gone which sucks because I've become quite accustomed to a long weekend, but boy did I celebrate the long weekend in style this past weekend at The Lyttelton Arms in Stourbridge attending their Moet Ice Party.

What on earth is a Moet Ice Party though? Well I wasn't sure at all when I was invited but let me tell you, it's basically the perfect place to spend an early evening, sipping the bubbles, listening to some chilled out tunes played by some great DJ's and surrounding yourself with friends in beautiful surroundings. So that's where I was on Sunday making the most out of that precious extra day in the best way possible.

When we arrived we were greeted by a bustling lively venue full of groups of gorgeous ladies (and a few stylish men), the DJ was in full swing and tables were buzzing with groups of friends making the most of the summer sunshine (I'm ignoring the 2 downpours, shhh).

Rain aside the whole place looked amazing, I'd never been to the Lyttelton Arms before but I'll definitely go again. As with all Premium Country Pubs the place was gorgeous both inside and out with amazingly opulent interiors, the kind of perfect pub 'date' venue if you know what I mean. There was also the same friendly staff who I seem to encounter at all their pubs I visit, who got extra brownie points on Sunday for making sure my glass was never empty of the good stuff.

I hadn't really heard of a Moet Ice Party before I was invited but I had seen a couple of displays for this new champagne offering from Moet so the party was the perfect place to try it, and although slightly sweeter than their traditional bottle, I would definitely order it again. Heck I'd probably drink anything, let's be honest. If you fancy trying it yourself I believe you can buy it here, and I'd recommend it for a special occasion.

That being said I would recommend The Lyttelton Arms also if you're in the Birmingham area. The place is gorgeous, the food CANNOT be faulted, specifically the Sunday Roast, and the staff are some of the friendliest waiting staff around, especially under the extremely busy circumstances I first met them so I'm pretty sure that comes as standard. If you fancy a trip check the menu here and give them a call and book a table, I'm telling you, you won't be disappointed.

All-in-all I had one of the most perfect Sundays with close friends and my favourite tipple, oh and to boot I woke up hangover FREE, winner winner chicken dinner!

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