Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Purnell's Birmingham: The Perfect Dining Experience

I'm going to caveat this entry by stating that these are some of the most hideous photos I am yet to post on here, and for very good reason...because no one wants to be that person in a fancy restaurant who stands on chairs to get the perfect "from above", well maybe not everyone, but certainly not me so these will have to do!

Let's start by mentioning Christmas, I know... it was AAAAAAGES ago, but only last weekend did I get to reap the benefits of the present I brought for my mum and stepdad for Christmas. Turns out buying someone restaurant vouchers for a posh restaurant is a great idea! You solve the classic problem of finding something to buy the 'people who have everything' and you also have a chance of enjoying the benefits of the gift; WIN WIN!

Having gone back and forth trying to find a date we could all get together we finally fixed on Friday 14th. A whole 4 months after Christmas, but let me tell you it was worth the wait by the time we got together at Purnell's Restaurant.

For those not aware, Purnell's is owned by Michelin starred chef Glynn Pernell who set up the restaurant in the heart of Birmingham in 2007. You may also spot Glynn on Sunday brunch (a personal fave watch of mine whilst lounging on the sofa suffering alcohol anxiety from a previous nights partying) or from any of his published cook books.

It's pretty obvious that when you dine at a restaurant with such a reputation, that the food will be amazing but the 6 course menu which we enjoyed was out of this world.

If anyone is a foodie out there, below is the Spring 6 course menu which you can currently dine from and we have the pleasure of experiencing:

Bread and goats' butter

Taste of cheese and pineapple - cheese and pineapple - emotions of "soixante-dix"

Poached duck egg yolk - cauliflower - black pudding - bacon - birch syrup*

Chicken liver parfait - port turnips - toasted oats and grains - redcurrants

Tuna au poivre - lemon - capers

Slow cooked neck of Wiltshire downlands lamb - "leek and potato"

Blood orange curd tartlet - baie rose honeycomb - lime

If you enjoy great food at an affordable price for such an experience than this is a great place to visit at just £68 per head for the 6 course Spring menu and £88 for the 9 course Spring menu. But more to the point if you enjoy great food whilst not feeling like you're somewhere you have to talk in hushed tones, and maintain a stiff upper lip then this is also the place for you.

I think it's fair to say the place might benefit from a slight face lift in the decor, but the ambiance was great, the staff were attentive, and any menu which includes a DOUGHNUT next to The most perfect parfait is always going to win in my book.

The 6 course menu was overall the perfect combination of theatre (dry ice always brings out the "ooh and aahs"), rich flavours and food enough to leave you full and not wanting to eat a burger on the way home #keepingitreal.

If you live near enough to make the effort to visit I would definitely add it to the list, and next time you're struggling to buy a gift for someone who simply put "has everything" then why not get some fine dining voucher's, you never know if they like you enough you might just get an invite...

Yes; you spotted it! There's dishes missing. Sorry about that, too busy enjoying myself!!! 

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