Monday, 19 June 2017

Celebrating Summer with Moët & Chandon at Freemasons Arms

Anyone who knows me, will know that bubbles, and specifically Champagne is one of my favorite tipples of choice. So what better way to spend a weekend on one of the hottest days of the year, than sipping beautiful Moët at one of the most historic pubs in Hampstead, The Freemasons Arms.

Over the weekend Moët & Chandon hosted 100's of parties across the globe for #MoetPartyDay (explore some of the events here) so of course I had to be involved! Lucky for me it would only take me a couple of hours to get down to The Freemasons Arms so I was there with bells on to celebrate Moet Party Day in style.

For the whole day, the outside bar was serving delicious Moët Ice cocktails and had a BBQ fired up serving tasty burgers, all whilst listening to a live set of chilled house music from Stuart Ojelay of Word Of Mouth, I mean could a sunny day get better than that? The whole set up was literally the perfect recipe for a brilliant day and I was absolutely loving it!

I've only been to The Freemasons Arms a couple of times, but these guys really know how to entertain, whether that catching up with the girls over a cocktail or joining one of their exclusive parties, it's always a fun time (helps that the drinks are always flowing).

Over the summer the Freemasons Arms has a couple more events coming up, and if there anything like last weekend, they are set to be really great reasons to get the gang together. Any reasons to celebrate in style right?! I for one know that I'll be heading back.

If you are interested check out their Facebook page here, you'll get a good look at what you can expect.

Now, I know it's only Monday...but where are the bubbles at?!

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