Thursday, 1 February 2018

LIFE: So what if I don't wan't to go to the Gym!

She's back! For the 15,000,0000 time!

Strange title for a blog post or what?!

Well not so strange if I told you I was getting married in just over 3 months and that little statement there is my daily affirmation. An affirmation to enable me not to give in to the societal expectations that all upcoming brides must be on a crash diet and spending 15 hrs a day in a gym!

For some reason so far in 2018 my mind has just been saying no, and instead or forcing anything, I'm choosing to go with the flow.

I'm not partaking in the pre bridal ritual of both crash diet or crazy gym routine, don't get me wrong I've dabbled in the past couple of months but no longer, and because I am choosing to just go with the flow, I find myself wanting to justify my actions to everyone around me.

I'm not saying all my pals are berating me for living my best life, I mean what kind of pals would they be if they were?! But each time I tell people I'm not on any sort of diet at the moment (shock horror size 18 and not on a diet), each time I pick up that drink or those snacks, I still feel compelled to rationalise what I am doing.

It got me thinking, why, when someone asks us to marry them, do most of us decide that in order to spend that one day getting married we must loose 100lbs, be plucked and pruned to perfection and essentially present ourself as an entirely different human for a day.

Is it the unforgiving white/ivory we will wear? Is it the fact that there will likely be 100's of pictures appear of us on social media within the 24 hours following the big day. Or is it because of the age old media hype you see the minute you flick through a bridal magazine that all brides surely must present themselves as these "perfect" creatures.

To be honest I think it's a bit of all the above for me, and yet I still refuse to give in. Instead, I'm choosing to live life without the added pressures of pre wedding societal norms. I'm essentially living my best life, one that includes hot crossed buns and red wine. One which includes at most a 2 weekly trip to the gym. One which includes choosing time with friends and family over a great meal in place of drinking a shake and surviving off 600 calories a day (oh yeah I did that, and it was awful!).

Does all of that make me any less worthy of being a bride?! Errrrrm NO!

And recently I'm more acutely aware than ever before that this life is short, this life is precious, and the most important part of being alive is appreciating what you have. If your lucky enough to convince someone to marry you, it's the fact you'll spend the rest of your days with them that counts, not if that extra back fat roll creeps out the top of your dress on your big day! Trust me, no ones going to notice, and those that notice probably don't matter!

Sure it's great to go to the gym and be fit and healthy, but ask anyone taking there last breaths, I bet they don't tell you they wished they did that diet for longer, or fit into those damn jeans better. Instead, they probably just want one more day on this crazy journey we call life.

And AMEN to that!

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